10 Random Mac OS X Tips

Dec 15, 2006 [ #mac #osx #desktop #blogger ]

Today I was reading the Slashdot story on 15 Things Apple Should Change in Mac OS X and I came across these excellent hints in the comments:
  1. Hold down on the + window button to fully maximize a window (may not work in some apps)
  2. To find the actual path of a app or file drag it into a terminal window
  3. To rename a file, select it and hit enter
  4. Create a shortcut on the dock for the Apps folder, then click-and-hold for a pop-menu of all your apps
  5. Shift-A will open the Apps folder if you don't want it in the dock
  6. Don't copy and paste, drag and drop everything, including text
  7. To put a widget permanently on the desktop, open a terminal and type:
    defaults write com.apple.dashboard devmode YES
    press F12, and while dragging a widget press F12 to drop it
  8. Use Command-O to launch an App or open a file
  9. To skip the"Are You Sure?" dialog. hold down the option key when choosing to shutdown
  10. Use the dock for temporary storage of files when using the drag-and-drop method of cutting-and-pasting