Quick GMail Note Trick

Jul 19, 2007 [ #google #blogger ]

Been a while since my last post, but I'm planning to start writing some more. To start off with I wanted to share a little trick I've been using with Gmail for the past week.

Whenever I want to note an interesting page I usually use del.icio.us to tag it and keep it around. However, I'm always writing little notes to myself with what I did to get this or that working, and del.icio.us isn't really designed for that task. Instead I write myself emails, and make sure they're seeded with keywords so when I need to search for them they come up.

I could use Google Notebook for this, but I find it easier to shoot off an email instead. The trick I started using is the google +addresssing feature. Normally it's used for creating a spam address, but I found adding a +notes and then creating a filter to label it as a note and remove it from the inbox is a fast and easy way to keep them all organized.