Screenshots Over the Years

Feb 15, 2008 [ #linux #debian #desktop #blogger ]

Going through my fileserver recently I stumbled upon the directory I'd put screenshots in over the years that I've used Linux. It covers back from 1999 until the present, enjoy.

My first linux computer running Redhat 6.1 using GNOME v1.0.39 from 1999, this shot was taken in 2000 and shows all the fun of connecting via dial-up.

Still running GNOME this time I believe it's Mandrake in 2001

My Windowmaker fetish begins while running on Debian circa fall of 2001

My Fluxbox fetish begins in 2002

More Fluxbox goodness, from senior year in 2002

Fluxbox again after college graduation in 2003

Final Fluxbox shot after I moved to San Diego in 2004

Moving onto XFCE in 2004

And finally, full circle we come back to GNOME running on Debian in 2008